A little about myself

My name is Giti.
My parents immigrated to Israel from the Netherlands when I was six months old, with my twin sister and my two-year-old brother. I absorbed the Dutch culture at home in Haifa, where we lived until I was drafted into the army. After military service, my then husband and I decided to start studying in the Netherlands. I studied graphics & Photography for 4 years at the Academy of Arts in The Hague. I fell in love with photography almost immediately and since then I have not stopped taking pictures.

Interior design photography
My love for photography is expressed in the beauty I see around me and it can be anything and everything. From nature, humans, animals, design and more. In the last decade I have focused mainly on interior design and photographed dozens of projects.

In my work in interior design photography I incorporate another great affection being the world of styling. With the help of accessories (ornaments, housewares, plants, flowers, textiles and more), I dress each furnished space and turn it, together with the customer, into a room with meaning, atmosphere and soul.

Lifestyle photography
In addition to interior design photography, I do lifestyle photography. That is, freer photography, about your work, life with your hobbies and thus create a series of images that shows you as a beautiful, complete and interesting woman. Like yoga, which I have been teaching and practicing for over twenty years, getting in and shining out. These images can be used by you for social networks, blogs, websites or any other media you choose.